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Newly Upgraded ProMa 3D Monitor Pro Delivered June

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More details, finer 3D image quality, faster eye tracking-----ProMa 3D Monitor Pro. 28”

Has been upgraded with

New eye tracking sensor Intel D415

New tracking algorithm

New algorithm for 3D image process

The ProMa 3D Monitor Pro. 28 has been upgraded just recently and new version has been delivered this week to its first owner in Europe.

Being upgraded comprehensively from hardware to software of 3D image processing algorithm, it reaches out to an absolutely new level of glasses free 3D display. The 3D image displayed on this upgraded ProMa 3D Monitor Pro model is sharp and crystal clear and looking solid never like before.


Watching a 3D movie on the monitor it really enjoyable, it reaches out totally a window effect. The screen is never a screen yet, but a see-through-window. Through the window, you are watching the real world with real things, which seems touchable and feel-able.

This is the real 3D cinema without glasses on your table which you worth to own.

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