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Chinese idioms related to Loong, episode 15

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Chinese idioms which related to Loong

Episode 15:  Che Shui Ma Long! 车水马龙 [chē shuǐ mǎ lóng]!

Che (车):  Wagon  

Shui (水) :  Water

Ma (马): Horse  

Long (龙): Loong

Episode 15: Chinese idiom Che Shui Ma Long! 车水马龙 [chē shuǐ mǎ lóng], was first written by Ban Gu of Han Dynasty about 2000 years ago. It means that wagons run like running water, and horses run like flying loongs, which describes a bustling scene.

In the Han Dynasty of ancient China, after the death of Emperor Han Ming, Liu Wei became the emperor, called Emperor Hanzhang. Madame Ma was honored as the Empress Dowager.

Soon, Emperor Hanzhang, on the advice of some ministers, planned to investiture the brother of Ma’s mather’s family, but it was refused by Empress Dowager Ma.

When this matter was raised again next year, Empress Dowager Ma refused again. And she issued imperial edict to explain why. The imperial edict says:

“The first emperor did not let his consorts hold important positions, which is to prevent riot and disorder. " The imperial edict went on to say, "The Ma’s family are all very rich already. A few days ago, I passed by the door of where my mother's family lived, and saw that ‘che shui ma long’, (Wagons run like running water, horses run like flying loongs) people coming and going the house to pay their respects. Even their servants are dressed neatly with green color and white collar. I tried to control myself not to blame them. They know only how to enjoy themselves and don't worry about the country at all. How can I agree to give them an official promotion?”