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Chinese idioms related to Loong, episode 14

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Chinese idioms which related to Loong

Episode 14:  Long Fei Feng Wu! 龙飞凤舞 [lóng fēi fèng wǔ]!

Long (龙):  Loong  

Fei (飞) :  Fly

Feng (凤): Phoenix

Wu (舞): Dance

Episode 14: Chinese idiom Long Fei Feng Wu! 龙飞凤舞 [lóng fēi fèng wǔ] was first written in a book of Song Dynasty by Su Shi (1037—1101) of about 1000 years ago, means Loong’s flight and Phoenix’s dance to describe beautiful hand writing calligraphy. Su Shi, also known as Su Dongpo, was Northern Song Dynasty writer, calligrapher, painter, historical water control celebrity.


The story is one day, Su Shi was invited to attend a banquet hosted by a wealthy nobleman. The nobleman had a deep appreciation for calligraphy and was eager to display his collection of precious ink scripts. As the guests gathered, the nobleman proudly unveiled a scroll, boasting that it contained the most elegant and majestic calligraphy ever seen.

Su Shi, being a master of calligraphy himself, politely examined the scroll with interest. However, as he traced the lines with his eyes, he noticed something odd. The strokes, while technically proficient, lacked the spirit and flow that true masterpieces possessed. They were meticulous and precise, but they failed to capture the essence of calligraphy's soul.

Smiling politely, Su Shi commented, "These characters are indeed written with great skill, but they lack the Loong's flight and phoenix's dance." The nobleman, puzzled, asked for clarification.

Su Shi explained, "When one writes with the heart and soul, the strokes come alive, as if a Loong were soaring through the clouds or a phoenix dancing gracefully. Your scroll, while technically sound, lacks this dynamism and vitality. True calligraphy is not just about the form but also about the spirit and emotion behind it."

The nobleman, realizing the depth of Su Shi's wisdom, bowed in respect. From that day onward, he strived to incorporate the spirit of "Loong's flight and phoenix's dance" into his calligraphy, seeking to capture the essence of true artistic expression.

And so, the phrase "Loong's flight and phoenix's dance" came to be known as an idiom, symbolizing the ultimate elegance and dynamism in calligraphy and art. It reminded people that true mastery lies not just in technique but also in the expression of one's inner spirit and emotion.